The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review – Does the work put on by Devon Brown in creating the 12 Minute Affiliate System that allows you to “Make Up To $460/Sale In Online Commissions & Does The Selling For Me!“, really works? It sounds “too good to be true” but the thousands of testimonials provided by real users make it exciting for the netizens to at least try this fully automated done-for-you system that generates online income at the price of Pizza.

But is it worth it? Is it a scam? Read this review to know the truth behind this program.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review
Product NameThe 12 Minute Affiliate System
CreatorDevon Brown
Is it a scam?No
Is it a Real Deal?Yes. Low Price, Money-Back Guarantee, and excellent support.
Our Ratings4.8/5.0
Insider PreviewYes, Watch This Video.


Everyone is enticed by the idea of making money online without having to work a whole lot. It’s a very enticing proposition, and it does come with its fair share of benefits. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a new, incredible system designed to help you learn how to make money on the side without putting a lot of work into everything. The system is automated, and it relies on Clickbank affiliate marketing, while also bringing in an excellent array of smart ideas and tools for you to use whenever you need it.

What is The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Based on our experience with The 12 Minute Affiliate System review, this is an affiliate marketing training program. You can find a plethora of useful features. What really pushes the boundaries here is that it caters to beginners and experts alike. Usually, if you want to enter the affiliate marketing world, you either need to create a website or a YouTube channel. However, with this program, you don’t need that.

You get to have everything you want in a single, comprehensive package. You choose the products you wish to promote, you create the funnels, training and everything you want. This will help make the entire experience convenient and seamless while also delivering outstanding benefits.

What makes The 12 Minute Affiliate System unique when compared to similar programs?

Upon finalizing The 12 Minute Affiliate System review, we were very impressed with the fact that everything is pretty much done for you. You have autoresponders, templates and other stuff that you just customize a bit and then you are good to go. But the true benefit that comes from this program is definitely its lessons and training.

It’s the perfect tool when it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners. It delivers tremendous value and quality, and the best part about it is that you can check instructions on how to set up everything. Overall, it gets the job done quickly, and it does a nice job of introducing you to the affiliate marketing work in a rather seamless manner.

How does this system work?

First, you must buy The 12 Minute Affiliate System and then sign in to the account. Now you will need to set up the system. That means you will have to enter Clickbank affiliate marketing by creating your own account there. Once that is done, you set up an autoresponder, drive traffic to landing pages, and then you will earn affiliate commissions.

You can choose to promote any products that you want. They don’t focus on a specific product, so you can work on any niche you see fit or which you find comfortable. It works great, and it certainly manages to bring you a simple way to enter the world of affiliate marketing for beginners.

  • You will receive landing pages when you just The 12 Minute Affiliate System, and then you will be able to choose from 3 main niches. They cover personal development, weight loss and home business as well.
  • After that, you must connect that landing page to the email autoresponder. The setup process is easy since you have a lot of guidelines in the member area, and it will just make things a lot simpler and more convenient.
  • The 12 Minute Affiliate System will actually provide you with some pre-written emails, and you can import them to the autoresponder. This will share promotional products. However, the products are pre-selected by the system, so you don’t have any control over them. Let’s face it, it’s better if you have complete control, but that’s the situation at hand.
  • What they don’t say in The 12 Minute Affiliate System is that you need to buy traffic. It’s not offered free of charge. The traffic will be sent to the landing pages. The interesting thing here is that you just buy traffic and no opt-ins. So you may have 10 opt-ins from your purchase, or you may end up with no opt-ins. That’s the challenge when you buy traffic or impressions.

You receive an affiliate commission only if people will buy products that you are promoting. The larger the email list you have, the better it will be here. This will give you more exposure, and there’s the potential to end up with more sales. The system itself doesn’t guarantee that you will be the ultimate Clickbank affiliate marketing success. Yet they do offer plenty of tools to make that happen. You just have to take your time and study the situation, then adapt accordingly for the best results. It might end up profitable, but you need to put some work into it at first.

What is the training system like?

One of the things we liked a lot during The 12 Minute Affiliate System review process is the fact that you have a lot of training videos. The training system is in the resource department where you can have live training replays, list of products you can promote, ebooks and some done for you swipe emails. There’s plenty of stuff they cover with the training videos.

You learn what affiliate marketing for beginners is, how the system works, how you can make it profitable for yourself and what products might be a good option. You also get to learn what an autoresponder is, how The 12 Minute Affiliate System autoresponder works and all kinds of stuff similar to that. They know how to optimize the process so it can work flawlessly, and the experience is very immersive here.

The fact that you can go through videos and check only the parts you are interested in will help a lot too. And it’s also perfect that they pursue a very good set of options to continually keep you immersed into the experience in a clever and rewarding manner.

Is the business model legit?

At first, you want to see how The 12 Minute Affiliate System would work and how it delivers the promises that it makes here. What we noticed about this program is that it’s very truthful, it shows you how to make money with affiliate marketing, but it won’t put money in your pocket right away.

A lot of people don’t realize that many programs like this require some work, especially in the beginning. If you don’t put in all the work, then you may not have the results you expect. That’s what happens, and you need to understand how this entire system works if you expect to obtain great results. Again, the potential is there, but you have to know how to handle it and how to make everything work the best way you can.

Are the templates any good?

Based on our experience with The 12 Minute Affiliate System, we were quite happy with the templates they provide. They look great for the most part, and we believe that people will be enticed to check them out and see the way they work. It does take a bit of time to go through and see how all of them work, but for the most part, you will be quite happy with the process and the results as a whole. Customization is possible, or you can use them the way they are. We decided to keep them the way they are for The 12 Minute Affiliate System review; however, you are free to fully customize everything if you want to.

How much do you have to pay for The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

They have a pretty interesting Gold membership. You can pay for 2 weeks, and it will cost you $9.95, then it will be $97 per month. We believe that the better option here is to pay $797 at once for the lifetime package. It might seem like a lot to pay at once, but if you want to use this for more than half a year, then it will pay for itself.

Do we believe The 12 Minute Affiliate System is worth so much per month? It all depends on what products you want to promote and how many of them you are promoting. During our The 12 Minute Affiliate System review, we managed to make around $200 per month without spending a lot of time customizing stuff. Even if it costs roughly $100 per month, you are still making more than you pay, so you have a profit. Of course, you have the potential to earn a whole lot more. It’s all up to you in regards to the amount of work you will do in order to earn here. But overall it seems like a system which is well worth it.

How is the traffic from this program? Is it costly, should you get it?

What we mentioned earlier about The 12 Minute Affiliate System is that you can buy traffic. During The 12 Minute Affiliate System review, we did buy traffic to see how good it really is. First, let’s talk about traffic pricing. It costs you around $1 per visitor, and you can buy it in increments ranging from 100 visitors to 2000 visitors. The 100 visitor package is $99, and the 2000 visitor package is $1997. Considering how cheap traffic is in other places, you will find this to be very expensive.

Granted, if you compare it to other sources of traffic, you will notice that this system delivers a few more leads. They provide targeted traffic, and something like that really helps when you want to develop a very good business. It still takes time to bring in the right amount of traffic, but the quality will be great in the end, and that’s what you need to pursue.

They don’t deliver the traffic right away. Instead, it will start within a week or two, which is extremely slow for a traffic delivery service. It would be a lot better if they provide faster traffic because the current system they use feels slow and outdated. Also, there are no analytics, and the opt-in rates are around 20 to 25%. It’s a good number, but it could obviously be a lot better. There are traffic sources with similar ideas where you have an opt-in rate of 35 to 40% or sometimes even more.

Do it have coaching? Is it a paid service?

There are 2 coaching options in The 12 Minute Affiliate System. There are 3 personalized 1 to 1 coaching sessions that will last for about an hour each. The idea here is that you are interacting with a person, and you will be able to complete the basics. If you’re a newcomer that needs more hand-holding, this really works, and it will provide a very good value. Do keep in mind that you’re going through the same information provided in the videos.

Then you have another coaching option which is known as the Affiliate Mastery Platinum coaching. This one is a little more expensive; however, you have one to one coaching for 60 days, and it’s unlimited. You have to apply to this one; it can be rather costly. Yet if you are very serious about making money with the system and if you want to learn it very well, it’s by far the best option you can go through, and it totally works.

Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System worth it?

Our The 12 Minute Affiliate System review process was quite positive, and we were able to earn more than what we paid for the system. However, there are some things like paying for traffic and upgrading your account or paying for coaching that tend to be very expensive at times. You can still make money with the system if you stick to the regular membership, but the upsells are very helpful, and they will make the process easier. Overall, we believe that you can make money with The 12 Minute Affiliate System; however, the system itself requires some work before you start generating passive income!



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